Five Precious Moments Gifts Children Will Love

precious moments gifts

Precious Moments has caught the attention of gift-givers worldwide with its iconic figures representing the sweet innocence of childhood and young love. Adults love Precious Moments gifts because they bring back warm, fuzzy memories of yesteryear, while children love them for their cute and attractive images. If you’re looking for a gift to celebrate important milestones in your children’s lives, you’ll definitely find the Precious Moments store to be very useful! Here’s a quick guide to five Precious Moments Gifts children will love.

Baptism Gift – You Are a Child of God Figurine

For Christian households, the baptism of a young child is truly a momentous event worthy of great celebration. This figurine will forever remind your children of the joyous day they entered God’s family. The ornate porcelain cross can be personalized to include details like the date of your child’s baptism and your child’s Christian name. The figurines are available for both boys and girls, and will undoubtedly serve as a meaningful commemorative gift for your newly baptized children.

Birthday Gift – It’s Your Birthday, Cake It Easy Figurine

One of the most heartwarming parenting experiences is seeing children getting all hyped up about their birthdays. As we get older, the significance of this special annual occasion gradually diminishes, so it’s important for us to ensure that a child’s birthday is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony and leaves them with many treasured memories. Celebrating indulgence, this figurine is a great way to remind your child that his birthday is the perfect day to kick back and relax with no guilt whatsoever. Remember to combine it with his or her favorite toy – the warm glow of satisfaction on your beloved child’s face will make the extra expense worth it.

Graduation Gift – It’s Your Time to Soar Figurine

Whether it’s elementary school, high school or college, graduation ceremonies represent some of the most defining moments in your child’s life. They commemorate the tremendous effort your child has put into his academic work and are the culmination of hours upon hours of work. It’s crucial that you tell your child how proud you are of him, and there’s no better way to do so then with this inspiring figurine. It symbolizes dreams, pride and hopes of a bright future, and will help your child understand that his parents will be behind him 100%, every step of the way.

Farewell Gift – Home Is Where the Heart Is Doll

It’s hard to keep the pangs of sorrow from our hearts when the bird flies the nest, yet fly he must. Whether your child’s leaving for his first overseas trip without you or a new, exciting college life, you’ll definitely want to leave them with a souvenir to remember home by. This doll bears the visage of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and will serve as a poignant reminder that despite all of the wonderful and thrilling adventures that await your children in the world, home is always the warmest and safest place and they’ll always be welcome in your arms.

Christmas Gift – A Love Like No Other

In the face of the crass commercialism now associated with Christmas, this touching figurine will remind your child about the true meaning of Christmas. It is a touching snapshot of Mother Mary cradling the infant Jesus with a look of tender love and will drive home the central message of this festive occasion – not presents, trees or Santa Claus, but undying and selfless love.

Children are the most excitable of people and there’s nothing they love better than a big celebration. The next time you’re celebrating or commemorating one of these occasions, check out Precious Moments and purchase one of these thoughtful children-oriented gifts. Your kids will be delighted!